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Creating opportunity by leveraging strategic solutions.



To help institutions and community organizations realize their potential and succeed.


LSS Consulting Group sustains a deep belief that organizations thrive and prosper in a culture of commitment to judicious financial planning, high expectations, integrity and strong leadership. Innovation changes the lens in which we see possibility and opportunity.

With a culture of bold inquiry, strategic visioning and planning, organizations lead their own change. LSS Consulting Group assists profit and non-profit enterprises harness their potential by providing personal and customized services.


Many institutions, regardless of size, often require a variety of specialized services, particularly at the outset of a strategic planning process, the commencement of a capital campaign or during a transition in leadership.  To offer highly customized professional services at such junctures, LSS Consulting Group partners with other professionals in the field of master campus planning, legal issues in philanthropy, endowment management and marketing and branding.

The end result is a smooth passage on the sea of perpetual change. Sustainable success is the outcome of leveraging all available strategic solutions.


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Areas of Practice

strategic planning

Overseeing strategic direction is one of the most important undertakings for an institution, especially for the Board. Whether at a time of unanticipated challenges or during the normal business cycles, maintaining a culture of ongoing planning provides forward-thinking momentum. Strategic thinking, visioning and planning are the essential formats for building a bold yet achievable future.

executive leadership and
management counsel

The corridor leading to institutional growth and development is lined with a sound internal structure of governance, leadership and management. Professional development of individuals and teams can make a world of difference in meeting strategic goals. Training and coaching are offered in a variety of ways. The end result is always the development of enhanced leadership qualities, contributing to higher levels of organizational capacity and success.


Successful fundraising is always a matter of aligning institutional priorities with a donor’s interests. In most cases, prospective donors will have a deep, emotional connection to an organization’s mission and an intellectual connection to data. Both are essential elements of effective communication and together serve to support a comprehensive and successful campaign. Conveying an unyielding commitment to excellence is often the window into a donor’s generous spirit. From modest to transformative gifts, the connective tissue between capacity and inclination is the illumination of impact.

organizational design and

LSS Consulting Group invites other professionals to assist in providing a customized set of professional consulting services. From campus master planning to starting an endowment to revising legal documents associated with campaigns to re-positioning the organization with new marketing strategies and branding statements, LSS Consulting provides a full-range of services. LSS Consulting Group and its and affiliates contribute to the development of a strategic course for the future,.

governance and board development

Boards bring exceptional value to the institutions they govern. With superior insight, broad-based knowledge and winning propositions, Boards expand mission and vision. LSS Consulting Group works with Boards in variety of ways to develop a proactive "governance through leadership" posture, advancing a more strategic and less ritualistic style. Boards that engage in routine professional development are more apt to lead with conviction and confidence about future planning, being less susceptible to becoming a reactionary Board. The ability to see the difference is what separates good Boards from great Boards.

Academic Restructuring: Adapting to a Modern World

The goal of a course of study is to position the school to meet the academic needs of its students, to provide opportunities for its faculty, and to create ways of enhancing academic opportunity in a modern, interconnected world. How we learn, what we learn, and why we learn have transformed instructional practices. LSS Consulting Group provides research on best practices and conducts targeted surveys to introduce and implement new courses and programs. With improved collaboration models developed in professional development seminars new priorities emerge, providing cohesion and valuable synergies for students and faculty.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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