LSS Consulting Group


 Making positive change possible


LSS Consulting provides a variety of services that result in an organization’s enhanced success and overall performance. Dr. Lawrence Sykoff has considerable experience as an institutional leader, Board member, advisor, mentor, author and community leader.

Each engagement is tailored to the specific needs of the client, ranging from services that include personalized mentoring and coaching of senior leadership to the development of governance practices with the Board of Trustees. As a small firm, Dr. Sykoff provides the direct professional consulting services.

These professional services are particularly helpful during leadership transitions or upon the start of a major strategic planning process or a comprehensive campaign.

Services are provided on a variety of levels from workshops and seminars to half day and full day retreats. Customized retainer-style services are also available for strategic planning and fundraising engagements. Fundraising services include development assessments, annual fund evaluation and management, campaign planning studies, and all-related capital and endowment campaign administration from start to finish.

Engagements are typically arranged on a daily, monthly or ongoing retainer basis.

Fees are established based on an institution’s size and budget considerations.


The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Abraham Lincoln


Management and Consulting Services


strategic planning - Breaking New Ground

  • Evaluating an institution’s readiness to plan
  • Developing milestone tracking
  • Scanning internally to determine the current state
  • Scanning externally to analyze best trends and practices
  • Creating a strategic plan with constituency and stakeholder input
  • Identifying challenges and emerging opportunities, harnssing cross-functional management
  • Uncovering distinctive, value-added propositions
  • Generating oversight methods during implementation
  • Producing regular reporting and re-calibration procedures -- keeping the institution on course


Fundraising ADVISORY SERVICES - Generating Greater Impact

  • Development office assessments and review of policies and procedures
  • Staffing and job description evaluations
  • Annual fund preparation and planning
  • Planning/feasibility studies
  • Revitalizing a lapsed donor base
  • Managing capital and endowment campaigns
  • Creating gifting and accounting policies
  • Establishing legal guidelines for gift acceptance documents
  • Assisting with search and placement of key leadership positions during engagements


governance and board development - A place for Collaboration and Vision

  • Create a strategic thinking philosophy -- acting decisively
  • Develop a forward-thinking mindset
  • Establish committee structures and charges
  • Refine the trustee recruitment process
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Initiate and sustain an ongoing professional development program
  • Enhance the CEO/President/Head and Board Chair partnership
  • Roll-out a structured plans to communicate effectively with varied constituencies
  • Maintain balance among fiduciary, strategic and generative styles of governance

executive leadership and
management counsel

  • Executive mentoring and coaching
  • Training workshops
  • “On Call” – retained service for continuing communications and counseling discussions with leadership
  • Increasing communication with stronger connections to community
  • Enhancing the mission message through effective dialogue and consistent constituency outreach

organizational design and

  • Master campus architectural planning for current and future expansion
  • Marketing and branding strategies for increased institutional awareness, higher admission rates and stronger fundraising results
  • Financial forecasting and policy formation for achieving higher endowment yield
  • Achieving efficiencies that enable cost control


Academic Restructuring: Adapting to a Modern World

  • Conducting faculty professional development surveys and assessments
  • Creating teaching and instructional standards
  • Revitalizing professional evaluation systems
  • Developing department head leadership
  • Constructing department and division strategic plans